The other day someone came up to me and asked “is chiffon cake very hard to make ahh?”


Hmmm… now how do I answer that?

Well, if you asked me, I would say “No, it’s not really hard to bake chiffon cake… but if you want to bake a good one, the secret lies in having a great workable recipe and knowing the right methods”! My friend – GFAD, gave me her recipe as she’s been baking chiffon cakes for ages & is quite a pro at it! I started experimenting on her recipe a couple of months ago and tweaked it to my preference. For example, I added a teeny weeny bit more sugar into it 😉

Whisking up the egg whites and using the right method of folding that into the cake batter is very important. It’s a delicate procedure and if you screw that up, you can be sure your chiffon cake will not rise nicely or may end up having a lot of large “air holes” in the texture.

I find that, personally, there are only 2 flavours of chiffon cake that work well with me – orange or pandan. I use fresh natural ingredients in my cakes like freshly-squeezed orange juice, freshly-scraped zest and freshly blended pandan juice. You can’t go wrong when using fresh natural ingredients, really … the aromas and flavours are incredible.

As there’s no preservative involved, the chiffon cake needs to be consumed as soon as possible – within the day or at most, the next day, without refrigeration. I wouldn’t advise refrigerating the cake as it tends to dry it out and the natural flavours and aroma are lost. Refrigerating it for a short while is OK, I guess. Unlike fruit cakes or other heavier cakes, chiffon cakes are meant to be eaten fresh :)

Anyway, I never had that problem because the cake is always gone within the day, haha!