Pandan Chiffon Cake


  1. gfad says

    Hardly a pro lah, dear PG. Still learning as I’m still experimenting with different recipes. I even saw one that requires whisking the yolk-mix over hot water for even more volume! And you know, there are so many variations of texture – from billowy soft-as-air to bouncy slightly-denser-but-still-soft, one flavor can produce so many different cakes! I love making chiffon cakes as they are so easy to whip up but the washing of the mould! Ugh!! 😀

    Your texture looks fantastic! Looks really fine and soft. You’re right about the whites. Most people I know either over or under whisk the whites. Over-whisk, you have difficulty mixing the stiff whites with the yolk-mix and end up with streaks of white in the cake. Under-whisk, you don’t the get the volume and end up with a dense cake. Even worse, the cake may inflate when baking but deflates upon cooling and you find two distinct layers of cake with a dense one at the bottom of the cake.

    I’m still trying to find one with the right number of eggs for my pan to produce a tall cake. Have a go at this: ( ) The 6yolk-9white recipe produced a fantastic cake which did not shrink at all. Unfortunately it is beyond my little handmixer (had difficulty whisking 9 whites), so I don’t think I will be doing it again unless I have a stand mixer.

    • Pureglutton says

      GFAD: I’m sure everyone appreciates all your tips here – thank u! Soak the mould in water to soften the remnants, then it’s very easy to clean. You are so right – the eggwhites will make or break the cake, lol! Thanks for the link to the 6y-9w recipe but I like my present 5-egg recipe – it works like a dream. And no yolk or whites left over 🙂 The height is just nice too, using a 22cm mould.

    • Pureglutton says

      Joe: Hehe, I can email u the recipe if u like… or u can try the one above linked by GFAD 🙂

  2. fatboybakes says

    argh, i was so confident you had posted the recipe when i glanced at your blog post this afternoon, and got all the stuff, came home, opened your post, and ARGHHHH, no instructions at all! chis!

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