My home-made Nyonya Chung


  1. i’m not sure i’ve ever seen such beautiful chang in the 25 years that i’ve lived on this earth (ermm, give or take a decade, but i mean it!) 😀

  2. Are you sure Bakchang festival is early June?? I was just OD’ing on chang like a few months ago! That blue hue is absolutely magnificent. So open for orders kah? 😛

    • Yes, it’s celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the chinese lunar calendar, which is on 6 June! Haiya, bakchang is available all year round here in M’sia lah 😛 How many do u wanna order? 😉

  3. As my friend Molly (a dumpling-making expert) would say, your peaks are perfect. hahaha! She has always been trying to perfect hers. There was no risk at all plucking the flowers. Now I discover the other side of the fence is full of them.

  4. totally aligned with all the comments abt how pretty your ‘chung’s are!! love the pretty blue rice. too bad i left b4 u started making them…guess u know what i’ll be nagging u for on my next trip 🙂

  5. am i too late – are you really taking orders? would love to get some for my mother who loves the nyonya version. sms me 012-971-8005 if possible, tx K: )

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