Menya Musashi is open at 1-Utama!


  1. catherine wong says

    Ramen, my family’s favourite……………definately will drop by to try……………..yummy……………

  2. J2Kfm says

    The broth was black? Can imagine the intensity in the flavour. Good to see new ramen shops all around, and constantly competing for the noodle loving crowd. Will drop by for lunch, and give you a buzz.

    • Pureglutton says

      Oh yes that broth was dark brownish and very intensely flavoured. Yeah, buzz me and we can go slurping, LOL!

    • Pureglutton says

      Oh u must go try this soon… new outlets opening up very soon at the Food Court, besides Menya Musashi and Gentetsu.

    • Pureglutton says

      Yes, pretty good ramen here and of course the Chef also has been attracting a lot of attention 😉

    • Pureglutton says

      Oh yes, he is always in the restaurant! Yep, since I posted his photos, there have been a lot of action heading over his way, lol!

  3. ciki says

    Fab post! It inspired me to go hunt for Musashi ramen.. and I’m glad i did! Nice to see you there too. Looks like you too can’t get enough of the samurai.. i mean ramen 😛

    • Pureglutton says

      Thanks, babe! Ahh…that time when u saw me … that’s becos the hubs wanna try the ramen, hehe! 😉 But then since I’m practically right next door, it’s so convenient to pop over!

  4. Kelly says

    So many new ramen joints opened up lately, and they all look pretty promising. Cant wait to visit this time, heard a lot of good things. 🙂

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