Lunch at Cilantro, MiCasa All Suite Hotel


  1. Leo (thule) says

    Cilantro… on my must-go list! And yeah.. your photos are awesome? Which camera model and what lens are you using? I’m toying around with my newly acquired EOS 60D right now

    • Pureglutton says

      Leo: Thanks 🙂 I’m using the Lumix GF1 with the pancake lens. Looking forward to your awesome pics from your new toy!

  2. minchow says

    Oh what a lovely afternoon that was! You prompted me to check out Cilantro’s menu this week – the fricasse of chicken makes an appearance again! Sable fish with duck ham sounds award-winning!

    • Pureglutton says

      Min: Hehe, I checked too! Hmmm… let’s wait for something new/different on the menu before making our way there again, ok!

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