Crabbing at Kali Little Restaurant, Pandamaran, Port Klang


  1. My Klang relatives took me here…love their salt-baked crabs and deep-fried pork belly…gotta try the shelled crayfish next! =)

  2. Little that you know that it’s ppl like you who makes the costs of good food goes up. Not only that, it makes my trip there even more frustrating when the place is full most of the time – sigh 🙁

    This place was used to be very quite and very low profile and cheap. I am a food lover and I know lots and lots of places to eat good food and cheap but I don’t bother to twitted about it or trying to be clever and tell the world.

    • Good food are meant to be shared. And not to be reserved for selfish people like you. It is those little advertising and recommendation from food lover and bloggers like PureGlutton that introduces a lot of nice places to people who are seeking for good food which i am thankful of.

  3. I am thankful to find this post which led us to the fantastic place. I agreed, good food shd be shared and that was how my family get to enjoy great tasty crabs here. We are rare visitors to Klang but with this sharing, we had a great time with no regrets. Continue to share more great stuff Pure Glutton!

    • I’m so glad you and your family enjoyed your time crabbing out in Kali Little 🙂 It is my favourite place for crabs!

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