The first thought that stroke my mind when I first laid eyes on Tide was: “Wow, what a sexy roof!” Just look at that voluptuous curve line of that slate grey roof and you’ll see what I mean. Located off the main building, Tide is a standalone majestic big mama of a restaurant, facing the spectacular seascapes that the Andaman Sea provides.

Dining by the beach takes on a whole new meaning here as the restaurant’s menu offers indulgent Mediterranean fare side by side with traditional Italian dishes. Or if those do not appeal to you, there are also local and Thai platters to tease your palate. Scanning the menu, I can say Tide’s offerings border on a good choice of easy comfort food. You can choose to dine inside the restaurant or outside at the terrace, for a more direct hit of the sea breeze.

Our dinner there started with some oven-fresh rolls and a cold amuse bouche. DL and I shared 2 appetizers: Tide’s Caesar Salad and Vietnamese Spring Rolls. We like the crunchy cheese oregano croutons scattered among the cold crisp lettuce leaves and beef bacon bits. I also made sure the anchovies pieces are broken up and mixed well with the greens for the added smokey saltish marine twist to the salad. The Vietnamese Spring Rolls were served with some fresh vegetables on the side, together with a small glass of balsamic dressing.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Tide’s Caesar Salad

DL’s Walnut Crusted Lamb Chops were delicious. The meat’s well-flavoured and grilled beautifully, with a juicy pink centre when the lamb was cut. The lamb chops were served on a bed of candied garlic, bohemian vegetables, potato wedges, mini pesto and drizzled with raisin verjuice.

Walnut Crusted Lamb Chops

I had the Tuscany Marinated Baked Free Range Chicken. The plump chicken breast meat had been marinated with sage, cayenne pepper and garlic before being baked. Served on a bed of haricot beans and flanked with thick juicy chunks of yellow squash, the baked chicken went very well with the sherry prune sauce. However, I wished there was more of that prune sauce because I mopped up all the sauce halfway through the meal as the chicken was a bit over-baked and really needed lots of sauce to go with it.

Tuscany Marinated Baked Free Range Chicken

Our dinner was accompanied by glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, Private Bin from Villa Maria, Marlborough, New Zealand – we love the crisp light refreshing notes of this easy-to-drink wine.

Heavy Chocolate Mousse

Desserts were a colourful affair. I had the Heavy Chocolate Mousse with Berries Sorbet while DL settled for a Panna Cotta. The chocolate mousse was really thick and chocolatey rich and that berries sorbet did a good job balancing out the  richness. The panna cotta came with chocolate sauce and 2 skewers of grapes – another great pairing. Portions are pretty big though – good news for dessert lovers.

Panna Cotta

As dinner progressed, the colours of the sea and sky deepened as the sun set in the horizon. The magnificent colour choreography from Mother Nature is a priceless bonus that enhanced our dining experience at Tide. This is one location that any guest should not miss at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. We definitely will head here when we next visit!

By the beach
The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa
Operating hours: Daily from 11.00am till 10.30pm