Do you have cravings?

Occasionally I do.
And sometimes for the oddest stuff.

Last Sunday while I was at the wet market, I saw this bunch of lovely “pisang rasthali” at my regular fruit stall.  I found out that pisang rasthali is known as “manzano banana” in English.  I didn’t take a photo of the bunch I had but here’s a photo I found on Google, just to let you have an idea of how they looked:


Well, coming back to my cravings… it was for Banana Cake! This is actually readily available in most bakeries everywhere – in fact, there’s also a stall at the wet market selling this. After all, bananas are available whole year round here and not that expensive too.

But… rather than taking the easy way out and just buying it, I took the trouble of baking one myself. You see, the problem was this: I find most cakes sold in bakeries/market are either too sweet or too full of artificial flavours or worse, there’s too much soda bicarbonate in them (especially in banana cakes)!

For banana cakes, I always use pisang rasthali/manzano bananas as they give the best flavour and texture to the cake. Do use very ripe ones as those which are not ripe enough will give a certain tartness to the cake, which, I find to be quite unpleasant.

banana cake

So, come on over… have some tea and some banana cake! :)