Banana Cake – life’s simple pleasure!


    • Pureglutton says

      Hmm… not sure if i can use mangosteen & ciku in a similar recipe. Hehe, will let u know if i do try 😉

  1. gfad says

    I love banana cakes that are speckled. I have difficulty finding bananas like the rastali here which gives a fantastic speckled appearance and great aroma. Maybe I should try some of those small Indian bananas which look like our rastali and see how it goes. They did make nice kuih kodoks though but not as fragrant as our local pisang.

    If you’re on the lookout for other banana cake recipes, this one is quite good ( Really light and moist. I don’t like those banana bread-type as they are too dry and dense.

    • Pureglutton says

      GFAD: Only the rastali gives that speckled effect, that’s why I said it’s the perfect banana for cake-baking! Hmm, i’ll check out that recipe you linked… my own recipe also yields a killer cake 😉

  2. val brown says

    Looking at this banana cake is literally making my mouth water. after i find, make, or steal a pie with cheese on top, gotta find, make, or steal a banana cake. my work is cut out for me today…

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