Zuan Yuan @ One World Hotel


  1. Sean says

    ya, the chef looks younger than me! i always thought i shouldn't trust a chef who isn't older than me. but i guess i'm getting old already, so that rule no longer applies. sigh =(
    hey, the prices seem pretty reasonable. i've only eaten here once, but that was nearly two years back, with a different chef, i think, so it's time for a revisit! 😀

  2. J says

    Hmmm… looks quite good (for a place that has no pork)…

    Will keep in mind if I ever have to take ppl out for a Halal chinese dinner.. 🙂

  3. Christy says

    The prices are reasonable and the food looks really good. Was this the place where they mentioned serve really good dim sum too? =)

  4. thule a.k.a leo says

    I always pass by this restaurant on my way to the shopping mall… normally I'd park at the hotel parking… tempted to go in but always ended up elsewhere for lunch!

  5. Life for Beginners says

    Ooh, so tempting… I think PureGlutton doesn't refer to your blogger moniker but rather to us your readers… Can't help being a glutton reading all these reviews and looking at all those pics… *hungry* 😛

  6. boo_licious says

    I like that tip you got from the chef on those ginger flakes. Have been trying to recreate that dish after I ate it before in Chynna.

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