Yama & J – Fusion Sushi Buffet at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya


  1. sycookies says

    I LOVE this one!! And lunch buffet is only RM 48??!! Look at those beautiful nigiri ! I gotta find out what time is their lunch buffet! *excited* Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Janice says

    Went there with my colleagues on 31st May 2013 for their lunch buffet. 6 out of 8 got food positioning (vomiting, purging & fever) and still under recovering stage. Food is contaminated and not fresh especially the raw food.

  3. KELVIN says

    This restaurant is suck,i was wonder why this kind of restaurant will appear in livingsocial website?1st i wan to say is the food,it is a japanese buffet restaurant,how come i cant get any sushi i like?the price is RM88,if the restaurant with the price like this should got many choice,but how come even i wan to order a simple califonia roll also don have?this also nvm,the sahsimi,i just wan to eat a normal plain sahsimi,but i don understand why the cheif must put 4 to 5 type of sauce at the sahsimi,this is really spoil the taste of sahsimi,unless they use the stale sahsimi,then use the sause to cover the bad taste.And the menu also,just a nomal item but the price pulled up until 40 to 50%,the food is really not worth with the expensive price,this can say is cheating the consumer.The last thisng is the enviroment,i also dunno i enter a pub or restaurant,the light is so dark until i can clearly to see my food.Everything is just pull up the price until so expensive then cheat people say got 50% discount deal at livingsocial,actually we don get the value of 50% discount,we just get what we pay and worst!!!

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  5. cyndi says

    Hi,I already purchased groupon,can I book on Monday 7.30- 8pm?
    your shop number. Is 03-79317372?why no body pick up the phone?
    hope to receive. Your reply.thanks

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