Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village


  1. Sean Eat Drink KL says

    oooo, sounds like your cute story of the wolves and pigs has a very happy ending! or at least it’d be very happy for me, since i love mars bars 😀

    • Pureglutton says

      I guess almost every restaurant would be packed on Christmas Day heh! Ya, it’s a porky joint, so have to pig out yo! 😛

  2. ulric says

    I love their Mighty Piggy Burger…agree tat it will be perfect will a runnier egg =)

    Btw their Wild Mushrooms soup pales in comparison to Ante’s…hehe 😛

  3. Andrew says

    Dropped by at 330pm on 23rd March, thought they will be ok with service post rush hour, they are known for having bad service, both locations are the same, asked 3 times how many people, made to wait for 15 mins and then they gave our table away, what a joke!! Not even an apology and the lady had to cheek to ask again! Left fuming, please get serious about your service, bad and embarrassing.

  4. Fenno says

    Certainly won’t eat here again. This morning we were the first to arrive at 9am, maybe second to order, but had to wait over an hour for our breakfast. Meanwhile two tables had eaten and left. Smile, the wait staff (a misnomer for sure) said in answer to our query on status, that the kitchen was very busy?? At this point only a total of 15 in the whole place and we had ordered before most of them, so?? When we did get our meal, the three of us received with staggered timing. By the time I got mine the other two had almost finished, which was weird as one of the other party ordered same as me. So, does that mean only one person in the kitchen? We both ordered poached eggs with bacon – they can’t do four eggs at the same time? And then the dishes were only lukewarm on arrival – did they sit on the counter for some time before being delivered? And I was so glad that I asked for the bearnaise sauce to be on the side as it was awful. It had red dragonfruit in it – okay – an innovative cook, but it was tasteless and ruined the salad for my dining companion as it was drenched in this awful sauce. Too many choices in Bangsar for us to repeat the experience. I did post about my experience on their FB page but of course they have final say on whether it will be posted (they won’t) hence my remarks on your well read foodie review page. Andd maybe other sites too. Too bad as it could be a very good place to eat right before doing the supermarket shopping.

    • Pureglutton says

      I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. I can’t comment on their service level now as I have not dined there for a long time. Hopefully they pick this up and make some improvements.

      • Vicki Fennessy says

        Friends advised the branch at Tropicana had excellent service. We also posted my remarks to Bangsar Village and they passed on to TLP who did respond, saying that there was some issue with the order placed on the computer and the wait staff had no idea auntil we complained. They have offered for us to return for a freebie. If there was indeed an issue with our order, I would expect the wait staff to notice that we hadn’t eaten, while she was serving other tables with people who had come way after us. Initiative, being proactive. We’ll try again.

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