The Perth Experience – Part 2


  1. hmmm … that’s rather disappointing, foodwise?

    unrelated : my aunt was complaining about pathetic American food as well, she’s back from the States.

  2. When I was in Perth, we were looking for Kailis as well, but somehow, couldn’t find. So we ended up settle for other fish and chips somewhere near Fremantle market, but suprisingly it was good.

  3. simple girl: well, as what we found out, Kailis’ was kinda over-rated so maybe it’s no big loss that u didnt find it! Yeah, other fish n chips were better!

  4. Ju Ann: What’s expensive? U mean the seafood platter? That cost AUD65, rather steep for that portion and there were more fries than seafood!

  5. having good company’s always good to make up for less than excellent food.
    merry christmas and a great 2009 to you!

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