Tau Yew Bak


  1. Oh no. It's almost midnight and you've got me craving some Tau Yew Bak right now! Heavens! 😛

    (Also been craving your sambal petai all day, but that's a different story, hehe.)

  2. YES! I used to love braised pork with EGGS (lots of them!) made by my grandma.
    Another dish was potatoes with pork, and the third one of course… sambal petai!!!

  3. LFB: Go get a piece of pork tomorrow and cook this, hehe! Can't wait to read yr story on the sambal petai!

  4. J2Kfm: Oh yes, eggs and potatoes go so well with braised pork.
    Ahh… another sambal petai fan here! We must have a petai party soon eh!

  5. I like mine with some star anise and cinnamon stick together as well. But I agree, it all starts with a good cut of belly meat for a pleasurable taste. Awesome!

  6. Tau Yew Bak! Yums..yes, I do hate those versions with not enough fat since the fatty bits seem to complement the meat so well.

  7. my comfort food is anything with eggs, so this recipe definitely qualifies! your photo of this looks perfect, especially with all the sinfully fatty slices of meat!!! 😀

  8. This is also called Lor Bak in Teo Chiew right?

    Sometimes my grandma/mum would add some tau pok. I remember flooding my porridge with the gravy.

  9. My comfort food is Chicken Rice. Hehehe…

    Growing up mom used to cook Tau Yew Bak much the same like you do, with healthy cuts of fatty pork! LOL! I remember peeling the shells off hard boiled quails eggs and adding them into the mix as well 😉

  10. My favourite comfort food is my mum's soup (any kind) and a bowl of rice! 🙂 🙂
    (But your tau yew bak looks darned good too!)

  11. My comfort food… should be braised minced pork with potatoes and onion. Mom never fails to cook that whenever I go back to Ipoh 🙂

    Your TYB look fantastic!

  12. hey there!
    yea my late grandma & mum cooks this when they ran out of idea on what to cook too!
    according to my mum it is a hokkien dish..hence tau yew bak!
    just a suggestion only, sometimes my grandma will add in some whole uncrushed peppers as in like 'lada putih' in the dish to spice things up a bit

  13. QMonkey: Oh yeah, those spices are favoured by some but i prefer it with just garlic which brings out totally the pure porky flavours!

  14. Andrew: Ah yes, the Teochew's version is called Lor Bak. And then they have the Lor Ark too – braised duck which goes superbly with porridge!

  15. Unka: Ahh, yes – Chicken Rice also is another Comfort Food – shd do a post on that later, hehe!
    Quails eggs – wow, super high cholesterol wor!

  16. hi, got to know you thru kenny mah's blog, he was writing abt his story on the angkoos. Those are really beautiful. Talking abt tau yew bak, yeah how can we missed the fatty belly layer?ooh, that fatty part is the most delicious part. My comfort food? that would be salted vegetable with fried fish or with roasted pork and any kind of tofu dishes.

  17. Aaron: Yes, i agree this dish has its Hokkien origins. Yep, peppercorns will give it that extra little spicy kick, eh!

  18. OOOO..braised food is ALWAYS comfort food. Loving a good tau yew bak and truth be told, it has been some time! but this looks sooo good..sparkling good.

  19. I love tau yu bak. My mum cooks a mean version, but I haven't learnt her recipe yet. Must ask her to cook next time I visit. 🙂

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