Sicillian Cheesecake


  1. gooly: yes, do try – it's easy peasy & u can be flexible with the decoration! Just have to get one of those "springform" cake tin – the type with the detachable base.

  2. oh, so this non-bake cheesecake is called a sicillian cheesecake..okie okie..noted..thanks! 🙂

    i tried making this 2 years ago and it turned out be a pudding instead…too much milk, i guess…less milk next time. 😉

  3. Pea: Same color as Koji meh?? Hehe..almost kwa. Koji is a naughty male shihtzu – u can see more pics of him in my Raynebows blog 🙂

  4. Nic: There are lots of other types of non-bake cheesecakes, not only Sicillian! The recipe doesnt have milk, it uses cream instead.

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