1. becky… price-wise it's very good!!! worth the money and not too expensive considering it's located in bangsar baru area!
    I also came here not long ago but have not blogged about this place yet.. too many backlogs 🙂

  2. TNG: Prices are very decent, for Bangsar standards. Portions are more than generous.
    Yep, the belly dancing event was a private function.

  3. oooh, food sounds very enticing indeed! and yes, surprisingly, i never noticed this place either until you wrote about it.

  4. yeah… the food was good! but then.. i don't like the song selections.. and I didn't see any belly dancing girls at all!!!

  5. i remember the mumtaz grill..filled with prawns..very unique and tasted delicious..pity the parking though

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