S.wine @ Publika


    • Well, there were hits and misses when I was there… but if you are a swine fan, no harm trying everything there… and let me know your verdict, hehe! 🙂

  1. heheh, i wonder if any customers have ever asked whether it’s possible to purchase one of those pigs from the entrance counter. they’re so cute! 😀

  2. Next time….try the following items out:

    Bacon chunks n sausage pasta
    Eggs Benedict

    I m sure u will enjoy them…hehe =)

  3. Some hits, some misses. Approach with caution I guess … but then again, Publika’s a pretty good place for extended brunch. Naturally, S.Wine will fall into the list.

  4. Loving everything that you tasted…I will hop in for the spicy bacon pasta. Anything aglio olio prep thrown in with bacon seals the deal for me. Simple girl:D

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