Restoran KK Ocean Sky


  1. heheh, with so many seafood dishes, look like they’ve got the ‘ocean’ part of the name perfectly done! now for the ‘sky’ part, they’ll need to serve some, ermm, pigeon, i guess 😀

    • Oh, they do have quite a no. of fowls on their menu… chicken, duck… pigeon can be a good option too, hehe!

  2. Hahaha at Sean’s comment! I was just thinking how some of these literal translations of Chinese names CAN sound rather charming too, like Ocean Sky! Looks fantastic – KK here I come!

    • Ya, it’s really a direct translation of their Chinese name! Do let me know if you are in the neighbourhood 🙂

  3. Though I doubt we can get roast pigeon as easily here … 🙂

    Would be a nice trick.

    Can’t deny the initial euphoria came when I thought you were writing about food from Sabah instead.

    • Yes that fish-head curry is making me very hungry too, even though I just had breakfast! 😛

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