Premium Steamboat at YeZi @ The Roof


  1. Choi Yen says

    Because hubby & I are avid steamboat fans and we’ve conquered most of the steamboat restaurant at our area (Kepong). Time to explore to further!

  2. hkphan says

    It’s because you will be like a frog under a “Coconut” shell if you have not tried YeZi. That’s how gastronomically awesome it is!!!

  3. Louise says

    Because I would like to give YeZi the second chance, as I didn’t have a good experience with them the first time I dined there.

  4. Bee Nee says

    It’s my father’s birthday on the 4th of April and he’s a huge fan of steamboat. I’d love to bring him to YeZi for a special treat!

  5. Terry Teoh says

    Would like to give Yezi a try for the new twist of broth that is being offered, seems refreshing and delightful to dine there.

  6. minglee says

    Such premium steamboat is a must try for steamboat fans. Moreover the photos shown in this page are so tempting.

  7. Kelvin Cheok says

    One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eat and enjoy YeZi Steamboat.

  8. Dawn Lee says

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks heaps!

    Because me and my office food monsters bond best during meal times, and we are really on a food trail for the next best steam boat in Klang Valley! Please give us the chance to increase weight, increase size, and increase rapport! 😀

  9. Samantha says

    Comparing to my favourite steamboat place “Xiao Fei Yang” where the broth is towards the heavier taste bud, would like to give it a change to refreshing soup of coconut.. My family and I have a picky taste bud on food and we would like to judge how good the fresh made balls and other food worth the value of it.. This place might be my 2nd favourite place for steamboat.

  10. Ping says

    Because Yezi bring together the concept of healthy and yummy meals, which fits just nice for my family of four.

  11. Jessica says

    My friends and I made it our mission in life to try all sorts of food – the delicious, the adventurous, and the quirky. A coconut-based steamboat is a 3-in-1 for us, and a definite must-go. Yay!

  12. Jenny Ooi says

    I love steamboat especially when enjoyed with family and friends. However, due to medical problem, I am not able to have steamboats at restaurants as the broths are not suitable for me.

    As Premium Steamboat at YeZi @ The Roof is deemed healthy and offers organic vegetables and other quality items, I would love to try out this YeZi steamboat!!!!!!!

  13. Li Hua Phang says

    I’d like to dine in YeZi because there’s no other premium steamboat like YeZi which offer first of its kind of coconut-based broth with a wide selection of fresh ingredients. Who would have thought that this refreshing fruit (which can be found abundantly in our country) can be used as the key ingredient in a steamboat broth?

    I can’t wait to gather round the table and warm ourselves up with its signature YeZi soup!

  14. Lynn says

    Stumbled upon this post when i was searching for review about Ye Zi @ the Roof. I’ve actually suggested to my friends to go to Ye Zi for my birthday (as it’s big group and thought it’d be nice to have a place with round table) and tried it and went totally nuts about the coconut broth and the tasty ingredients! 🙂

    I’d definitely wanna dine in Yezi again to try the other soups and items on the menu! 🙂 Also, to bring my other friend who is a big fan of steamboat here as a farewell gift for her as she embarks her new season of life in the US. I’m sure she’d be delighted to dine here and have a hearty-tasty-unforgettable-fruitful meal here 🙂

    Who wouldn’t go nuts for such an awesome sweet CocoNUT broth? It’s nut gonna be enough 😉

  15. Alexis says

    Fully supporting Dawn Lee in winning RM300 Yezi dining voucher! I guess I am one of her office food monsters. Kekeke…

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