pla dib @ The Heritage Village


  1. aiyerrr all these pics make me wanna join you guys this weekend! i want to order raw prawn and black fried rice yumyum

  2. I don't care… I know where Heritage Village is & even though it's far from PJ, I will drive there one day for dinner or lunch!

  3. J: Yeah, their pricing is fair. Actually it's not that far – if u go on a weekend, traffic may not be that bad?

  4. Had the raw prawn "sashimi" before but at another Thai restaurant. Totally understand your feeling when you're munching it ^^

  5. Went there last weekend. The food was great! Ordered the squid ink fried rice, the spicy spaghetti, durian gelato and the soursop drink. All yummy. Unfortunately biz is kinda slow cos my family was the only patrons – on a Sunday evening some more….

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