OMG – Awards!


  1. thenomadGourmand says

    CONGRATS! *clap & cheer!* Ur Deserving of them!
    And thks for sharing abt urself, feel tat I "know" u better now! and no jams, ease of parking,gd food area? *envy* !!!
    Where is this paradise?!
    oh my god! did i see myself in ur list!!? arghh! muz share so much ahh? *shy*

  2. VG says

    LOL…loved the insight about you. Bored? Not for a minute. It seems ‘shit’ is making the top 7 words people say all the time! Why am I not surprised?

    Knitting and scuba diving? That’s an unusual mix. You don’t come across as the knitting kind!!! BTW, you must let us know how your holidays pan. Looking forward to that post too.

    Love, Vin

  3. PureGlutton says

    nomadgourmand: thank u 🙂
    Yes, got this almost-paradise, lol! It's called Kemuning – but may not have too much good food la. Look forward to knowing u better in doing this meme & awards 🙂

  4. PureGlutton says

    VG: thanks to u 🙂 What does the “knitting kind” look like eh?:P Yeah i do like doing an odd variety of things… maybe becos i’m an odd person, lol! Do check out my other blog about my “oddness”, hehe!

    Oh yes, i will definitely blog about my holiday later!

  5. Precious Pea says

    Oh dearr…you and terri of hungerhunger tagged me on the same thing. Ok ok..let me put up my pillow tonite and start thinking!

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