No Signboard Seafood


  1. i’ve never eaten chili crabs in singapore before! all i’ve ever eaten are Malaysian versions of singapore chili crab, heheh

  2. Looks splendid! The more time spent in SG, the more I’m convinced it’s really not too shabby for a seafood blow-out! I’ll peg this down for my next visit south!

  3. But i see a signboard on the store! LOL

    Looks good, but I’ve never vetured there before. But exchange rate has definitely made eating crustaceans a luxury in Singapore. Will try to make my Singaporean friends to treat me the next time i go. Haha.

    • Yeah, the signboard is No Signboard lor! East Coast Park is a pretty nice place, facing the sea and all…so go!

  4. Try Roland Restaurant in Marine Parade Central next time; chili crab was supposedly created by the owner’s mother more than 30 years ago 🙂

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