1. Seyra says

    As spoken regarding the complaint for Macha & Co at Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara branch

    I have ordered Varuval fried rice and I end up getting Bones fried rice and the rice has got no taste at all,
    No salt nothing and not even spicy ????!

    And my companion with me ordered Chilli Chicken rice and she ended up getting all bones as well.
    All menu in this restaurant should be change to “Bones rice “. Would be much appropriate. ???????????????? ????

    Very very little meat in both the dishes

    Mango lassi was full with ice and no taste as well.

    The food at Macha restaurant dataran sunway has become bad to worst,

    the food is really bad. Plus, they do not understand what the customer wants, my companion wanted syrup pandan selasih without ice, but cold , and amazingly she received it with ice.
    Such a simple request, yet can’t understand ,

    We was quit hungry , so we finish it all, we had no choice . This is Ridiculous!

    The cook and the helpers needs massive training and proper hiring.

    You can view in cctv our images, and the table we sat in No.3

    *My details:
    Name: Seyra
    Contact: 0102544819*

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