Lightning Makan Trip in Ipoh


  1. worldwindows says

    Good old ‘Tai Shue Geok’. Really miss those YTF. Last when I was there most were taken. But I do enjoy the ruby ball fried fish balls.

  2. Calvin Soo KJ says

    ipoh is filled with delicious food around the clock…i missed their chicken rice and “chu-par” rice at the wet market….*drools*

  3. PureGlutton says

    ck lam: oh yesss, i love that red bean ice – i have been ordering that, haha! just didnt take a pic of it… such a biggg glass of it somemore! Drink that also takes up half my tummy space leh.

  4. Susan says


    Thank you for this post. I love this stall and the “sah kot fupei” (turnip in beancurd skin) too. In fact , it is only available in Ipoh. I always have hard time explaining to my KL friends what is “sah kot fupei”.

  5. PureGlutton says

    Susan: Thank u for visiting my blog. Yes, I understand wat u mean – only ipoh-mali ppl would know about sah-kot fupei – can’t find any anywhere else huh!

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