Karl’s Beisl @ Soho, Mont Kiara


  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving says

    wow, looks good, infact more than good..definitely need to go find this place..

  2. J says

    Yummy food + lovely company + a heartwarming love story = a perfect lunch!

    Thanks so much for extending the invite….

  3. Daisy says

    We (German couple) had invited 2 chinese families, as they wanted to get a try of German/Austrian food. What a blame! The service was horrible,most of the things we wanted to eat, where out of stock (we did the bookiing 4 weeks in advance!!) the food fatty and greasy, they just throw everything on a plate, no nice presentation, the potato "salad" has nothing to do with an Austrian potato salad and in addition came out of the freezer..The applestrudel was dry and the ice was melted, when it was served…This restaurant cannot be recommended at all! And in addition, the price is much toooo high!No value for money.

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