Home-cooked Assam Laksa


  1. Pureglutton says

    chrisau: yes, please try this and let me know the outcome 🙂 Just follow the steps & with pictures to guide you, very easy nia!

  2. Pureglutton says

    gooly: Easy nia, dun worry – just dump everything in & boil, hehe! Eh, but i like a lot of harkoh wor. OK, next time u come back, I make!

  3. Pureglutton says

    gargies: dun worry la… this is really very healthy and non-fattening – all vege and sour summo! Just dont take too much of the noodles la… fish is boiled, no fat & full of protein goodness!

  4. email2me says

    This is the first time I see people cook Asam Laksa put anchovies. Must find one day try cook and put in. 😀

  5. Nate-n-Annie says

    Good job, I like the step-by-step instructions.

    I think that it’s missing the shredded banana flower. But maybe that’s just me. Do you think banana flower is necessary?

  6. Little Chef says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, my mouth is watering imagining the taste at this late nite hour of 11.15pm. Dunno how you say it’s easy though.. preparing the fish looks tedious but nevertheless, you have the love to cook this dish alright 🙂

  7. PureGlutton says

    nate-n-annie: hmmm, did u mean the very fragrant ginger-flower (bunga kantan)? I hv that in my recipe and there’s a pic of them there too… together with the lemongrass. I have chopped some of it for the garnishing too! Great smell!

  8. PureGlutton says

    little chef: it’s my pleasure to share. Yes, it’s a very tantalising noodle dish. Deboning the fish is about the only tedious task here, haha!

  9. chelwin says

    ” Yummy Yummy ” Thank you for sharing the recipy and detail description on the spices and attach pics. Have a Prosperous Happy New Year 2009.. Chelsia Spore

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