Hainanese Chicken Rice


  1. claire says

    i better not look onto this blog if i m hungry.. only will come here when i m full then i wont feel so envious of LL or whoever u r cooking for…haha…. good blogging, keep on going…ok..

  2. PureGlutton says

    Claire – thanks for your great support! Hehe…glad the pics make u salivate – that’s the whole idea, haha! :-))

  3. claire says

    yeah, its a wonderful feeling to feel yr blog being read and commented by somebody… whenever i finished blogging a blog, i feel a ssense of satisfaction.. ha ha.. own self satisfaction…

  4. Anonymous says

    yr husband is a lucky man. -lol- u might as well start a biz by inviting ppl to pay and eat yr homecooked meals. i would (pay to eat). cheers.

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