Erawan: Classic Thai & Fusion Delights


  1. Life for Beginners says

    I was just mentioning on Boo's post I'm still an Erawan virgin… now I know I can count on my sifu the Angkoo Queen to help, uhm, er, nevermind… shy to say such stuff on my sifu's blog.

    Simple English: I nak pegi also!

    (Okay, I said simple English, not perfect English ma… Hehe.)

  2. J says

    The more the merrier?
    (*waves wildly* Don't forget to call me too if you are going with LFB, pleeeeaaase…..)
    (Erm. That painting is a bit naughty, horr? Or looks like it anyway *blush*)

  3. thule a.k.a leo says

    many Erawan virgins here lah… including me 😛
    even though I live very near, I hardly go to Kota damansara area these daysS Sigh!!!

  4. jason says

    Oh yes, it's one huge confusing maze in KD. The furthest I would go is the Casa Indah 1 condo, opposite the commercial area.

    Food looks great, I wanna go too!

  5. PureGlutton says

    LLemongrass: Yes, it was nice bumping into u that day and I got to meet Sean 🙂 Yep, let's go makan soon!

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