Duck King @ Jaya One


  1. Precious Pea says

    Yummy! I love their duck too. So tasty! I will go back for the lard rice since they ran out the night we went.

  2. PureGlutton says

    Hi Pea…yeah, the lard rice seems to be a hot item there – saw many people ordering that! But somehow, i don’t quite like lard (sounds very sinful leh…LOL) so I didn’t order any.

  3. reanaclaire says

    wei… i dont want to look into pureglutton again.. i cannot la… it is just too much… how can u do this to me??? awwwww… i will be dreaming of this tonite..i dont care.. u must take me one day otherwise i wont look into here again… hehehehehehe

  4. PureGlutton says

    Yeah, seems their Lard Rice is a popular item there! Look out for my review on Duck King – Part 2, coming up soon!

  5. hiongkongkiok says

    Eh do a review on thai food here laa. Cum cum.. i bring u go Je Ngor. Femes for sliced kangkung. Kangkung also can be sliced.. thin thin like shreded carrot. And when bite ah.. crunch crunch.. song hau. Chau with garlic and cilli. Geng leh?

  6. PureGlutton says

    Eh HKK, I want! But i never heard of sliced kangkung dish before! Make sure u bring me there wor!

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