De Foodland – Crabs Mania!


  1. Pureglutton says

    qwazy: All those dishes for 7 ppl came to about RM350 – quite decent, i would say, considering we had 4-Season Platter (RM80), sharksfin (not sure of price) and the crabs were at RM30 per kg. I didnt foot the bill tat night, so i don't have all the details, hehe!

  2. thule a.k.a leo says

    Came here a few years back with my MBA coursemates… they have 2 signature style of preparing the crab – if I'm not mistaken, something related to "future" and "past"… and Ho Chak had introduced this place recently.

    Quite hidden and one might get lost if they are not familar with Kepong's road

  3. Nic (KHKL) says

    it was here that i tasted one of my earliest (and definitely one of the best) butter crabs. it's the dry version and that makes it more aromatic! but the crowd's too big these days…sigh…

  4. Precious Pea says

    Yumm yumm yumm…i can hear crabs calling my name. Feels like taking the next flight home to have nasi lemak for breakfast, curry laksa with lots of cockles for lunch and then have what you had at De Foodland for dinner, then I can catch the midnight flight home. Hmmmm…actually, i can do that hor?

  5. J2Kfm says

    fried mantou to wipe the gravy off.
    so sinful. this should be right up Pea's alley, if she's around. 🙂

    btw, i've changed to own domain. pls update my link, ya? thanks.

  6. CUMI & CIKI says

    oo.. iv eaten here but not recently! the corner shop right? cheap, good.. but not fast! haha.. must wait and wait.. and WAIT!

  7. WongSF says

    This restaurant is up to date, have GPS Cordinates. I hope more restaurant put up those GPS Cordinates. Maybe goes there with my families during Raya holidays.

  8. PureGlutton says

    Leo: Yeah, this place has been in biz for some years. I found it easily the 1st time, thanks to their clear map found in their website 🙂

  9. PureGlutton says

    Worldwindows & Ciki: Hmmm, maybe u were there at peak hour eh? We were there a bit earlier, about 7pm and service was pretty fast!

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