Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat


  1. Eh, the Ocen boss did not recommend his ‘ho-liau’ oyster ommelette? Our order was really overwhelmed with ‘liau’. =P

  2. Ocen as in Oh Chien? or Ocean?!!
    hmmm …funny spelling.

    the yam fritters look good, being savoury rather than sweet. and what a cheap meal!

    thanks for the good post!

  3. soooo much better than my Tg Malim pau experience!! and this ocen seafood plc really cheap horr..
    didnt know mushrooms r so varied!

  4. tummythoz: they did recommend the omelette but we didnt order as we already had ordered so many dishes! Keep it for next round.

  5. I love trip like this. Been thinking of visiting Tanjung Sepat but dunno the way there. Maybe should do it one weekend. Is the pau worth grabbing?

  6. simple girl: Ya, nice short trip – experience some village living, hehe!

    bangsarbabe: Yeah, almost 100 paus shared among 5 persons – not that many lah!

  7. Joe: Tg Sepat is becoming pretty popular – quite a good crowd of out-of-towners there!

    Vivien: Yeah, so cheap! I couldn’t believe they charged only RM5 for that very decent-sized plate of greens!

  8. P.Pea: Very easy to get there – fr Kesas exit at Banting – go straight, pass Banting, pass Morib and then u will reach Tg Sepat. Just follow the road signs – won’t get lost! Yeah, the paus were goodddd – people buy by the big bagfuls!

  9. Ooo dejavu! We saw that spotted fish too!
    Also did u see that huge ass karaoke hall next to OCEN? Mad huh? lol

    To J2kfm – it really is called OCEN! not typo.. haha

  10. oh. my…. i am late! late!..but..the small fish with tiny bones, they are called silver fish here woh..

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