Da Sa Rang


  1. Sean says

    ya, i feel the same way as you do about korean food. i think i only eat it once every four months. but i lurrrrrrrrve bibimbap too (preferably with a softer egg than the one served here though!).
    wah, strangely i've never really noticed korean restaurants in subang. i know there are some, but the japanese ones seem to be more obvious, heheh 😀

  2. Life for Beginners says

    Hmm, I'm not too crazy about Korean fare either. Usually stick to bibimbap and the chicken ginseng soup.

    But hey – this restaurant seems to be bursting at the seams with pork and pork belly! That really entices the babitarian in me! 😀

  3. jason says

    Next time try grilling the meat on your own, it's more fun! (and smells smoky all over the hair and shirt after that! hehe)

  4. PureGlutton says

    Sean: Now i get to eat korean food more becoz the son loves it! There are a few of them in Subang – Dao Rae being the well-known one.

  5. PureGlutton says

    Choi Yen & Jason: Oh yes they usually grill the meats at our table but tat night dunno why they went & did it somewhere else!

  6. PureGlutton says

    LFB: Most Korean restaurants serve pork! I must say their grilled pork taste good, dipped in their various sauces!

  7. PureGlutton says

    J: Hahaha, yeah i know how that can happen! I experienced tat during a wedding dinner when they played this song so many times! And also at our Co trip @ Lang Tengah – we had limited CDs!

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