Con Job of a Meal


  1. lol! honey..i can feel the warth from my monitor!
    yup..i ll post bad reviews as well. aft all, its our personal opinions & our blogs. & ur doin us foodies a favour by warning us!
    Kong sai! = me me me!!

  2. RM5 per person for the chinese tea??? I gotta say.. it’s better than robbing someone.
    It’s OK to give your rating low if you are really dissatisfied with the food or even the pricing… you didn’t say it but your conclusion is to suggest that we are better off having meal elsewhere!!!

  3. leo: Hehe, u are right – it’s daylight robbery with their chinese tea stunt! You took the words right out of me – stay away from this place!

  4. foodbin: Ya lor, so sad. Well, customers can only be conned once, at most! People won’t return once they kena like this, right?!

  5. wow .. kinda sad to charge that much, cook up some meagre affair, then con the customers into believing tea aint drinks.

    maybe they categorize tea as soup? complete with tea leaves to be eaten.

  6. Aww, this place sounds below lacklustre… It’s a good thing we have good reviews and bad reviews so we know which places to head to and which to avoid at all costs!

    Still, one good thing I’m taking from this is how much I crave for spicy sour soup right now — a good fix for a flu, no? 🙂

  7. o_0 Daylight robbery!! They are not even a fine-dining restaurant, and still wanna charge RM15 for the tea…geeezz!

  8. Awww.. sorry for the disappoinment lunch…. don’t we hate it when it happened. Can’t believe for chinese tea they charge RM 15! That’s too much!

  9. anyway, the kong sai chicken rice looks amazing… my friend’s company is nearby so I’m planning my trip there one day 🙂 thanx for the info

  10. Jeezzz… I would have refused to pay for the tea. Plain ridiculous. I hope they put some rare tea leaves… hahaha yeah right as if la. Honestly I would have refused to pay and then if they make a fuss of it I would have called the police and reported them to FOMCA.

  11. this is what i love about food blogs– we can tell those con people what we think about them, and warn others!

  12. J2Kfm: Hmm, now that’s a thought – chinese tea soup! But then, soup is FOC, included in the set mah, lol!

  13. LFB: Aaww… hope you hv recovered from yr flu! Yeah, tat place is a “write-off” for me now!

  14. genuineness: Wow…u are very fierce leh, lol!
    Even tho we were very pissed, we were in no mood to make too big a fuss coz we already decided that we were NEVER going back to that place again. I did snap pics of their brochure & the bill right in front of their faces, so maybe they already know I'm gonna publicize this, lol!

  15. Tummythoz: Hmm, maybe u r right – i should change my rating, eh?!

    Ethnic: It was bad indeed!

    Ciki: Ya, that was what attracted us to go there in the 1st place, thinking that it’s available for all meals. But now after this experience, we ain’t gonna step foot in that place ever again!

  16. terri: ya, we give credit where credit is due but should also warn others about bad stuff, hoh!

  17. simonsays : i think i know which blog. i also commented in his blog, no offence. But really, we had the buffet, and it sucks. except for the prawns, which was ok, the rest was awful & tasteless. I just cant imagine how our friend cld gv them a good rating. but, funny thing is that people still go back…sigh.

  18. simon: the eat-all-u-can deal wasn't any good either huh! Well, i guess some ppl don't mind paying for bad food!

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