Comforting Claypot Chicken Rice @ LSY Pot, Puchong


  1. Sean says

    that claypot rice sure looks yummy! i like my claypot-anything with a raw egg thrown inside though, but that should be easily requested, heheh

  2. val brown says

    I’m very new to seeing all these kinds of wonderful dishes displayed as art. the chefs ARE artists. kinda bittersweet to see all the hard work eaten! on the other hand, i sure have a craving for claypot rice now.

  3. Ishvin Sandhu says

    A little outdated….you are talking about the “shop” that is right at the back of the shops no?…its still there, they moved to the opposite side, just as you turn into the small lane, its on the left………..Uncle doesnt cook anymore, but aunty is still there and its still as good….hope you find it

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