Best Lorbak in Penang!


  1. aiyo..i also can be yr Pg guide!

    Anyways..good tht u tried the CKT n lorbak here..indeed they are one of the best!

  2. what a feast! it's like one great dish after another, right? hmmm, must remember to check out this place when i'm in penang. great stuff.

  3. Ooh CK Lam did great – this is the ultimate Penang kopitiam, in my opinion. Every stall here is superb – we used to queue for close to an hour under hot sun to ta-pau the chicken rice.

  4. 550ml: You not kiddin me – 1 hour??? Wow… you are reallyyy patient, lol! Luckily I didn't have to wait that long… but there were quite a lot of ppl waiting actually!

  5. I'll be staying in Cititel Penang in Nov… yay!! I can practically walk there and eat the lorbak and CKT!!!
    Will utilise the short time to taste some of the best food there

  6. lorbak is the best after gym! too bad its so oily.. but the concept of fried protein is just too good to resist la:P

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