Uncle Seng’s Homemade Noodles @ Subang Jaya


  1. You forgot to give special mention to their home made chilli sauce! hehe.. they’re the bomb! We usually pour them over our noodles, liberally.. it’s so good! 🙂

    • Hmmm… actually I found the chilli sauce rather bland (that’s why I didn’t mention it!). The pickled green chillies were better.

    • Yes, those green pickled chillies were good…crunchy with the right flavours! Parking can be quite a problem there esp. during peak hours. I saw many double-parked too. Well, just have to see whether you’re lucky or not… or park a bit further down.

  2. Ooh the thickness of the noodles is just right – I usually hate the skinny ones but of late, have been finding fault with the fat ones too, like udon. This is the perfect in-betweener!

  3. Yup, just don’t come when it’s scorching hot out there. The heat dissipates throughout the whole premise. Nowhere to run, but sweat buckets while slurping on your noodles.

    Though the chili sauce is good, not as bland lah …. no?

    • They do have aircond, so it’s not so bad. Yes, i thought the chilli sauce was bland… maybe we got a watered-down version?!

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