The Bread Shop in Damansara Heights has been serving and delighting their customers with their gorgeous breads and pastries for a number of years now.  Recently, they introduced their latest French-style pastry: the Kouign Amann (read my post here) and they are proud to be the first bakery in Malaysia to offer that.

Well, the kouign amann is not the only item that I love in The Bread Shop.  There are quite a few others that I crave and these are their staple items, really.

banana scotch

 Banana Scotch

Perhaps one of the most recognizable items associated with The Bread Shop is their Banana Scotch (RM6.80).  Just look at that piece of gloriously glistening pastry, crispy layer after layer enclosing that aromatic caramel banana filling inside.

banana sc

The Coffee Swirl (RM6.80) is another favourite item.  Similar to their best-selling Cinnamon Swirl, digging through the crispy outer layers into the soft fluffy centre is really something you would want to do, over and over again.

coffee swirl

 Coffee Swirl




 Goodies all laid out

The Bread Shop serves simple snacks, for lunch or just about at any time of the day.  Among my favourites are their pizzas – with homemade cilantro pesto with either chicken or beef pastrami (RM15.80), Roast Beef & Caramelized Onions on Ciabatta (RM14.80) and the Mango Cheese with Smoked Chicken on Croissant with Salad (RM16.80).  The Mango Cheese Smoked Chicken Croissant is flirtatiously tangy, thanks to a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

cilantro pizza

 Gooey cheesy pizza

ciabatta sw

 Roast Beef & Caramelized Onions on Ciabatta

mango cheese

 Mango Cheese with Smoked Chicken on Croissant with Salad

OK, now let’s talk about their tarts.  Generally, I’m not a great fan of tarts but I have to admit I have been truly and completely bowled over by the tarts here.

pecan tart

 Pecan Tart

Currently, the top favourite with me is their Pecan Tart.  After I had tried it the first time, I actually found myself craving for it for days!  That has never happened to me before, honestly.  Would you believe it, the next trip I made to The Bread Shop, I practically bought ALL their pecan tarts (they only had 5 left at that time) and had a grand time with them 😛




 Buttery flaky pastry topped with the freshest crunchiest pecans!

Next on the list is their Lemon Tart.  All I can say is, you have not tasted a read badass lemon tart until you try one of theirs!

lemon tart

The Chocolate Banana Tart is also a good choice.  All the tarts are priced at RM6.80 each.

choc banana tart

 Chocolate Banana Tart

Oh, I’d like to add that their coffees are not shabby at all… goes wonderfully with the tarts!



bread Collage



I seriously need to satiate that Pecan Tart fix, soon.


The Bread Shop
11 Jalan Setiakasih 5
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2093-8734

The Bread Shop