Pappa Rich
No.1 Jalan USJ 10/1D
UEP Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-56367318

The mushrooming of kopitiams in the Klang Valley continues… like mushrooms popping up after the rain. Recently, there’s the Old Town White Coffee in Kota Kemuning and then there’s this Pappa Rich. What a name! Is it owned by a rich pappa? Judging by the crowd there, it’s not surprising if that pappa got rich. Or maybe USJ folks just like to throng new joints just like what they say “new toilets laku for 3 days!” (if you dunno cantonese, please ignore that, haha!)

This joint is located at the corner shop lot behind Ampang Yong Taufu. It used to be the coffeeshop housing my favourite Pan Mee and Curry Chee Cheong Fun – now no more already! Haiyaa… where have they gone to?? Anyone knows? I miss them terribly!

Anyway, it was LL’s idea to bring me there the other day. He has been there a few times and he told me the food there is “not bad” and also because a couple of his mates are working there.

So, LL had his usual Nasi Lemak with chicken rendang (RM8.90)... I had a biteful of it and I found it to be very mediocre only… and the ikan bilis wasn’t very fresh, rather chewy in fact…
I had their Curry Laksa Special (RM9.90) which turned out to be not very special. Capitalising on LL’s friend working there, I asked for extra cockles… which was obliged immediately…
As you can see, presentation needs to be improved. What appeared before me was a bowl filled with very lemak curdled orangey curry topped with a sprig of mint leaves! You can’t see what the condiments are, can you?

Well, there were a few pieces Fu Chook (fried beancurd rolls), Taupok (beancurd puffs), 2 chunks of chicken breast meat and cockles. All these plus the meehoon soaked in a tasteless lemak santany curry. Even with the addition of this sambal below, I still couldn’t finish the bowl of tasteless laksa.
The only saving grace items we had were these…

Their Iced Coffee (RM3.80) was frothy, creamy and not too sweet. It could have been a little bit more “kau” for one who prefers stronger coffee.

The must-try item in any self-respecting kopitiam – Kaya Toast (RM3.80). I like the fact that their bread came in thick slices and toasted perfectly. Kaya & butter (or was that margerine?) were put on the side for you to sapu-sendiri. I like that because you can choose to go light/heavy on the kaya or butter, whatever your fancy!

I would return there for the coffee and toast lah… the rest – no need lah!

My rating: 6/10