I love eating at places which are off the beaten track. It’s always exciting to check out a new place, at the most obscure of places and then discover the food there is not bad at all. I’ve been passing by this simple and basic looking restaurant for many months now, on my way to have my massages. It started out as more or less a shack and then the owners kinda did up the place to make it more “presentable” and the business has improved. They even have a parking attendant stationed in front, to direct you to the exact location where you should park your car.

We first ate there several weeks ago and to be honest, I didn’t feel very confident about the place so I didn’t even bring my camera along. The first 5 photos below were all taken with my iPhone 4S – I must say the camera in iPhone 4S is pretty good – I’m amazed at the quality of the photos, actually.

ss crabs
Sweet Sour Crabs

Feeling “crabby” that evening, we ordered 2 different crab dishes… a Sweet Sour version and another one recommended by their staff – their Butter & Salted Eggyolks Crabs but with a little “corny” twist. The crabs, although a bit on the small side, were extremely fresh and the sweet sour sauce was piquant but thankfully, did not mask the fresh marine sweetness of the crustaceans. We love the Butter & Salted Eggyolks Corn Crabs… the sweet corn is a good touch, giving the crabs an added creamy sweetness and the thick aromatic butter sauce sticking to the shells was all licked and sucked out! Exceedingly sinful combination of crabs and salted eggyolks, I know… but who cares, as long as one doesn’t indulge in this every day! Prices for the 2 plates of crabs came up to RM104.

salted eggyolk corn crabs
Butter Corn & Salted Eggyolks Crabs

On the recommendation of the staff who took our order, we had their Hotplate Spicy Fish and it turned out to be a good choice. The plump golden pomfret (RM40), crunchily fried, came sizzling hot on a metal plate, doused in a very fragrant sauce. I could detect lemongrass, turmeric, in addition to chillies, shallots and garlic in that thick sauce. We dug in and happily spooned the spicy sauce over our rice and I had to muster a lot of resistance not to heap on more rice! I also love their Kerabu Pucuk Paku (RM8 for a very decent portion, good for 4 people!) as they used only the youngest part of the ferns and there was no chewy stems at all. The sweet sourish dressing was very light and it made the whole kerabu dish very refreshing and addictive. On our second visit to Hai Jing, I was extremely disappointed when told that they didn’t have pucuk paku available that day.

hotplate spicy fish
Hot Spicy Fish

kerabu paku
Kerabu Pucuk Paku

For carbs, we tried their King Noodles (RM12, good for 3 pax) and LL declared it was very good noodles indeed. The noodles were springy and there were lots of baby lala (clams) and crunchy taugeh (beansprouts) tossed in. Definitely a noodle dish to re-order!

king noodles
King Noodles

Total price for that dinner was RM164 for 3 persons. Pretty reasonable, considering that we had 2 crab dishes and a fish too.

On our 2nd visit, because we were so enamoured by the Butter & Salted Eggyolks Corn Crabs we had the first time, we ordered their mantis prawns done in a similar style. At RM15 for a medium-sized portion, I’d say this was really good value for money. Just like the crabs version and equally sinful, this did not disappoint.

mantis prawns
Mantis Prawns in Butter, Corn & Salted Eggyolk Sauce

Deciding to have a steamed fish this time, we tried their Thai-style Steamed Gold Pomfret (RM28). There’s a variety of fish you can choose from. Our was a gold pomfret and it came in an iron steamer-plate, with hot burning coals. A huge bowl of soup was also served and at first, we thought that’s a complimentary soup for our dinner. We were about to ladle the soup into our individual bowls when one of their service staff came over and showed us that the soup was actually meant to replenish the hot bubbling gravy for the fish! As the coals were burning fiercely, the gravy for the fish was evaporating quickly and we kept ladling in more soup onto the fish… we had a good time slurping that super hot fishy soup!

steamed fish thai style
Thai-style Steamed Fish

Their signature Home-styled Tofu (RM12) was silky smooth and the minced chicken topping was very good, especially with rice. Since there was no pucuk paku that day, we settled for a Deep-fried Brinjals with Chicken Floss (RM12) which didn’t impress me much. I felt there was too much batter covering the brinjal strips and all I could taste was crunchy flour.

Signature Home-styled Tofu

fried brinjals
Fried Battered Brinjals with Chicken Floss

No pork is served in this place. Go for their seafood.

The place is pretty easy to locate: if you take the Kesas Highway heading to Klang, take the first exit to Kg Jawa after the Bukit Rimau Toll. Turn right after the traffic lights at that exit, go straight till you reach a roundabout – Hai Jing is just at the left corner. This is a 5-prong roundabout, Hai Jing is located at the “7 o’clock” junction. You can’t miss it – it’s all brightly lit up – if you’re going for dinner, that is.


Restoran Makanan Laut Hai Jing
28-31 Lot 10517 Jalan Nenas
Off Jalan Kg Jawa
41210 Klang
Tel: 019-3440999/019-6669199/03-51610999

Restoran Makanan Laut Hai Jing