I was told that Fa Ying means “princess” in Thai and by that you would nod your head once you know that it is connected to that Thai fine-dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur called Rama V. Yes, Fa Ying in Paradigm Mall is under the same management as Rama V – people who love and understand Thai food and want to bring Thai cuisine one step closer to the dining public. Whilst Rama V serves authentic traditional Thai cuisine in a more sedate classy environment, Fa Ying on the other hand is clearly the more “playful” counterpart.

fa ying Collage

You can immediately absorb the casual vibes when you step into the airy dining area where colourful cushions dot the low-back dark wooden seats. Frame these against some lovely greens and sheer hanging drapes, you’ll get a trendy chic picture. Then there’s the open bar at the other end where high chairs area clustered round it and bottles of fine alcohol are displayed grandly in the overhanging metal frames above. This is clearly the place to hang out, have some drinks and Thai-style tapas if you’re not in the mood for any heavy dining.

nice deco

We want to serve modern Thai cuisine in the form of fuss-free casual dishes as well as lighter bites, tapas-style”, enthused Andre Shum, co-owner of Fa Ying. However, family-styled dining in a quieter environment is also available, in the air-conditioned section of the restaurant. It’s cosier in there and more romantic with low warm lighting… and of course, you can also gaze at the voluptuous Apsara dancers carved in stone, hanging on one wall there.


Thai Minced Beef in Cucumbers

At the moment, there are about 14 items under the “Thai Tapas” category. We tried 3 of them – Thai Minced Beef served in Cucumbers (RM12), Grilled Scallops served with Spinach (RM16) and Dory in Nam Tok Style (RM14). Pretty to look at, the crunchy Japanese cucumber rounds stuffed with slightly spicy minced beef were a great start. We loved the grilled scallops too, served in cute individual ceramic spoons and a spicy dip. I’m not a fan of dory but DL and LL love the crispy battered fried fish, drizzled with nam tok sauce.

Dory in Nam Tok Style

Grilled Scallops served with Spinach

The Thai Lamb Sate (RM20) was well marinated with all the right spices and grilled just right and we carnivorous diners could not have enough of it. We just had to have another serving!

lamb satay

During our lunch chat with Andre, I was told that recently a guest ordered and devoured 3 salads in Fa Ying, in one sitting. I can totally relate to that and I’m sure I can achieve that “feat” too because the salads in Fa Ying are really scrumptious! We tried 3 of them: Pomelo Salad with Prawns (RM16), Thai Watermelon Salad (RM12) and Lemongrass with Tiger Prawns Salad (RM22). I love all 3 of them but if I have to rank them, I would choose the Pomelo Salad as my top favourite (actually I can do without the prawns!) followed by the Watermelon Salad. They are so light, juicy and refreshing and the piquant Thai dressing enhanced the fruity flavours so well. Besides the fruits, they all have generous lashings of mint leaves, basil leaves, fresh onions, chillies and the Lemongrass Salad also has thinly-cut four-angled beans tossed in.

pomelo salad
Pomelo Salad with Prawns

watermelon salad
Thai Watermelon Salad

serai prawn salad
Lemongrass with Tiger Prawns Salad

Like I mentioned earlier, if you just want to have a quick casual bite here, you should try their Thai-style Burgers and Sandwiches. The all-round favourite was the Roasted Duck Sandwich (RM20) which admittedly is superbly executed. I mean I have to “admit” that, as generally I’m not a sandwich or burger fan but I must say that roast duck sandwich is quite unforgettable. The Thai Beef Burger in Nam Tok Style (RM22) was good too but nothing too outstanding – and satisfying to beef burger lovers.

roast duck sw
Roasted Duck Sandwich

beef burger
Thai Beef Burger Nam Tok Style

bf burger

I like how they have given Thai twists to their pasta dishes. Choose from spaghetti, penne, fettucine or angel hair and the chef has come up with a variety of vibrant sauces with distinctive Thai nuances. We tried the Spaghetti with Thai Green Chicken Curry Pesto (RM22) and Fettucine with River Prawn in Chu Chee Style (RM32). I found the pasta a tad overcooked as I prefer it to be al dente. Other than this little “grouse”, the flavours and tastes of the sauces were excellent. These certainly beat the usual carbonara or Bolognese style pastas elsewhere anytime!

chicken pasta
Spaghetti with Thai Green Chicken Curry Pesto

prawn pasta
Fettucine with River Prawn in Chu Chee Style

For Mains, we tried the Cod Fish with Manow Sauce & Broccotini (RM42) and Grilled Tenderloin with Green Curry (RM42). The dishes under “Mains” were between RM35-RM45 each and having tried the two dishes mentioned, rest assured that these prices are justified as top-notch quality ingredients were used. The cod fish was flaky and succulent – just as fresh fish is supposed to be… and the grilled vegetables add to the healthy theme of this dish. The tenderloin was grilled perfectly, juicily pink and tender inside and the creamy green curry was delicious with fresh mushrooms added. Again the carnivores in us rejoice in this indulgent beefy pleasure!

Cod Fish with Manow Sauce & Broccotini

beef tdrloin
Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Green Curry

Mango Sticky Rice (RM16) is not the usual version – here it’s given an unusual treatment. The chef has ingenuously coated a “roll” of sticky (glutinuous) rice with light batter dotted with black sesame, encasing mango paste in the centre and then deep-frying it. This fried mango sticky rice is served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream by the side

fried pulut
Mango Sticky Rice

The Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM14) was not unusual but the Thai Lemongrass Crème Brulee (RM14) had the unmistakable nice aroma of fresh lemongrass juice injected in the custard.

caramel custard
Thai Lemongrass Creme Brulee

fried banana
Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice-cream

We love the drinks in Fa Ying, from the thirst quenchers (non-alcoholic) (RM13) right to the  Absolut Vodka Tower! Get kicked by the Thai Tom Yum or how about Sex on Koh Phi Phi Beach? My favourite is the Marquessa (RM100) – one whole fish bowl of it! Oh, from now until end January 2013, you must go for their Absolut Vodka Tower at RM90++ and choose from 5 flavours: tropical thai, cranberry, Ribena, sour apple and orange sunrise.


thirst quenchers
Thirst Quenchers: Mango Sparkler, Lemongrass Basil and Peachlifters

tomyum cocktail
Thai Tom Yum

sex on phi phi
Sex on Koh Phi Phi Beach

Anna and The King


Absolut Vodka Tower

Do check out their Facebook Page for more information on their beverage promotions!

Fa Ying by Rama V
GB-08 Paradigm Mall
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7803-6281