So, what does a celebration cake mean to you?  Be it a birthday, an anniversary or just about any occasion that calls for a cake… do you just simply buy a cake from the nearest bakery/cake shop or do you actually source for something that’s special, unique and really worth your money?



Well, if you ask Eddie Tan, the Cake Fella from, he’ll tell you that in a celebration, eating cake is about having memorable moments with your loved ones and cherishing those moments together.  And that is where his passion lies…creating special unique cakes and bringing them to the next level.

Home baker extraordinaire that he is, he loves challenging the norm and going the extra mile doing things that others don’t dare… like the adage: going where angels fear to tread!



Well, there’s nothing angelic about his Baileys Chocolate Mousse Cake, really.  In fact, I think it’s a pretty evil cake.  It contains 3 shots of Baileys in the rich chocolate mousse which sandwiches the layers of chocolate spongecake, moistened with Baileys syrup and the cake is topped generously with crunchy caramelized hazelnuts.  Oh … did I forget to say it’s also decorated with chocolate whiskey truffles and pop rock chocolate?



Now, if that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.  People like evil… that’s why this Baileys Chocolate Mousse Cake is always on their Bestsellers List.

I heard he’s come up with a Kahlua White Chocolate version, too (but with caramelized almonds) … I have to check that out to see which is the lesser of the 2 evils 😛


If you are averse to alcohol, don’t worry, Eddie does offer some very angelic cakes, too (read: non-alcoholic) like the Milk Chocolate Peanut Cake, Vanilla Mille Crepe and Baked Cheesecakes flavoured with real vanilla pods.


So, do check out Eddie’s offerings on the next time you need a special cake – it’s really worth trying because that Cake Fella is prepared to give you 100% refund and a 50% discount on your next cake if the cake doesn’t meet his stringent expectations and quality standards.

Look out for more daring and funky stuff from Eddie real soon, too… all happening on!