This blog was created in December 2007 when we moved to a new neighbourhood.  Being new to the area, there were many food outlets I wanted to explore and the idea of documenting those food experiences was what prompted me to start this blog.  Thus “PureGlutton” was born, to serve as an online food diary for my own records and in those early days, probably the only people who clicked the blog’s link were just my family members and maybe a few friends.

I love cooking, too.  Friends and family members have often asked me for my recipes or sought certain culinary tips and that’s when I decided to include some of my cooking stuff in the blog as well.  It’s much easier to tell my friends to “please refer to my blog” when they ask me about cooking certain dishes.

As time went by, friends started to share my blog links with their friends and slowly, PureGlutton the blog started to garner some following.  Restaurants and food outlets began to take an interest in the stuff I write here. Some of them like my work and have approached me to feature their outlets and food. Through this blog, I’ve had opportunities to travel, both locally and overseas, to attend special events.  I’m still pretty amazed at how that worked out.  I’m extremely grateful to all who have supported me and my blog.

In 2012, I was approached by Yahoo Malaysia to be a content provider for their Food section – Makanation.  I have been writing and contributing food articles to them for the past 2 years.  Following this, in 2013, when HungryGoWhere started  their Malaysian operations, I was selected to be one of their Partner Bloggers.

Blogging and writing – those are my passions.  I have a full-time 9-to-5 job.  This blog feeds my R&R hours.  I enjoy shooting food photographs and I try to improve all the time.

I aim to maintain a professional approach in food and event reviews.  Whenever possible, I attend events and write out of interest, love and passion.  There’s nothing more gratifying than doing what one enjoys and through, I’m truly appreciative of the friends I have made in our mutual love of all things connected with food.

Thank you for reading this and for following PureGlutton :-)

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