Xara’s Food Trail


  1. That is a perfect food trail! I think I’m going to copy it, down to every last bite and morsel when my sister comes back from Europe!

  2. Hey gurlfren, you’re not only my BFF, you DA BEST foodie friend to know! LOVED LOVED LOVED the banana cake you made for me – too bad i forgot to pack some for my trip especially since i missed my connection to SF!! You forgot one minor fact – WE started my food trek in Hong Kong with Patty – yumchar at 2 places in one morning!! Pls post pics if you hv them! OK, i’ll lose the weight & be back in KL in a few months maybe??!!

    • Oh yes… we started in HK! Hv yet to work on those… tons of photos to sieve thru! Will definitely post about that later. I think there’s still some banana cake in my fridge – haiya! U better come back soon & we’ll have another round, hehe!

  3. Wah… all looks really good and hard to resist. I hope I can join you 2 if times permit. Now I where to find this good stuffs !

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