W.I.P. Cafe @ Bangsar


  1. J2Kfm says

    hmm, the other day we were somewhere near Hartamas, and Souled Out, was well, SOLD out, crowded to the brim,

    but my fren mentioned the prices is higher than average, and the quality of the food so-so.

    ended up at Paddington. =P

  2. Bangsar-bAbE says

    I’m never tempted to try the food there. Especially after hearing not so good reviews about it.

    For such puny portions, it’s not worth the money!

  3. PureGlutton says

    j2kfm: Hmmm.. i think maybe they’re getting complacent with their success…but still, lots of ppl like to hang out in Soul’ed Out.

  4. PureGlutton says

    bangsar-babe: Yeah, nothing fantastic really… in terms of pricing & portions or even taste. But then, still quite a good crowd there.

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