THAI CAMP – authentic Thai-style streetfood


  1. jeff says

    Dear Pure Glutton,

    Before you delete my comment, I hope you can take this constructively. In no way I have intended in this comment to offend you when it comes to food review. However, I am afraid I cannot agree with your recent review on Thai Camp Cafe.

    Having been to Chiang Mai before (note: I stayed in 137 Pillars House as well even before you went), and having tried a few famous Khao Sois in Chiang Mai (particularly Khao Soi Lam Duan, Khao Soi Farham, and Khao Soi Islam), I am afraid the one offered by Thai Camp IS NO WHERE NEAR tO the Khao Sois one can find in Chiang Mai.

    I am deeply perplexed and disturbed by your description of Thai Camp’s version, I hereby quote from your review: “I must say Thai Camp’s rendition reflected the authentic flavours of this dish based on the kao soi I ate in Chiang Mai”. I am afraid this description itself does not hold any water, nor does it reflect a fair, honest, objective, and uninfluenced review.

    First of all, the flavours (in the broth, and the khao soi chicken) offered by Thai Camp is totally off tangen and diluted, and no where it is near to the original khao sois I have had in Chiang Mai.

    2ndly, the fried noodles (as toppings) and cooked noodles used by Thai Camp were not even the original noodles one can normally find in a bowl of authentic Khao Soi. Instead, what Thai Camp uses as toppings is none other than your cheap local mamee snack look alike noodles with absolutely no soul and taste of Khao Soi.

    As your fellow follower, I am deeply disappointed by your review. Because of your review, I drove more than 30 minutes yesterday in the rain just to try the Khao Soi recommended in your blog.

    I have also tried their pork satay – my comment: nothing spectacular.
    Fried fish cake – my comment: taste like some mass produced fake fish cakes with no hint of spice
    Pork Panaeng rice – my comment: this was the only saving grace but alas, I would only rate it as only 6.5/10. Lacks the omph factor.

    Last but not least, it is my duty to bring it to everyone’s attention that the service in Thai Camp sucks big time. Air conditioner was not working, and the so called complementary tit bits offered were all pathetic broken pieces of your cheap keropok bibi (the ones you can get in primary school canteens).

    Because of the bad dining experience in Thai Camp, it totally ruined my night, I went to bed unsatisfied with wasted stomach space and calories.

    To reflect your self proclaimed objectivity in your disclaimer, I sincerely hope that you can revise your review on Thai Camp in this food blog and if not, bring it to the operator’s attention.



    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Jeff

      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback.
      I’m sorry you had a less-than-satisfactory dining experience at Thai Camp. I have forwarded your comments to the owner.

      It could be possible that the tastes of the Khao Soi were different when you were there but generally I found it to be good when we had it. I also felt it tasted similar to the ones I had in Chiangmai. Maybe we went to different Khao Soi places and it’s also possible that our expectations were different. After all, food is very subjective and it is OK to have differing opinions but I do take note of your passion for this particular noodles dish 

      As for the pork satay, it was very agreeable with my dining companions and I, hence I mentioned it was a “favourite”. For the fish cake & other deep-fried items, it was fair to say they were decent.

      It is unfortunate that the air-cond was not working when you were there – perhaps that was something that just happened and I’m sure it would have been remedied.

      Thank you once again for your feedback and your support of the blog 🙂

  2. Jeff says

    Dear Pure Glutton,

    Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate your gesture of at least willing to listen to my feedback/comment. Unlike the cafe operator who deleted my comment on their wall.

    Keep up the good work!

    Yours Sincerely.

  3. Emina says

    We just got to agree with you, PureGlutton. The food at Thai Camp is excellent with really authentic taste. As we are always on the lookout for good meals with reasonable pricing, we have been there a few times now after our first visit with our family and friends. This has become our personal favorite spot for a quick lunch or dinner 😀

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