It’s “Simply Sedap” at the Teh Tarik Place!


  1. Pearly Chuah says

    Dear Sir,

    We went to your Teh Tarik Place,The Curve on 19/9/2014 during our office lunch hour at 1pm.

    I suggested to my colleagues to go to Teh Tarik Place to have our lunch instead of Q Bistro, Tesco Mutiara Damansara.

    We ordered our lunch and they commented that the food here is delicious and price is reasonable. They even thank you for my recommendation to Teh Tarik Place.

    Unfortunately, when we made payment, we notice that how come the price charge is higher than in the menu!

    We went to the counter and clarify. The person in charge there is not friendly at all. His name is Shanmugam.

    I asked him, when we ordered that time, we just order the food, example Mee Goreng Mamak, price at RM7.50 and the waiter asked us to order drink which is free. We double confirm with him is it free? He said YES then only we order the drink.

    How come when we pay the bill, the price is RM8.90 instead of RM7.50?

    Shanmugam answered do you want me to bill you separately? The price will be higher.

    I replied: The waiter should inform us that we add RMxxxx then we can get the drink which is cheaper, instead of said it is free. It is not FOC, misleading.

    If I were Shanmugam, I will said – Sorry, Madam, instead of urgue with us and somemore threaten us to charge us separately and the price will be higher.

    I hope that you will look into it seriously.

    “Words of mouth” promotion is better than any other advertisement.

    We work at Menara KLK. Usually we will have our lunch at Tesco, The Curve, IPC & Ikea.
    5 of us visit your outlet at The Curve. At first, the comment is very good, we will help you to promote (FOC). With this incident, hope that there is no bad comment on it.

    Thank you and Regards,
    Pearly Chuah

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