Samira by Asian Terrace @ Sentul Park, Kuala Lumpur


  1. loke says

    At 25 December 2015, i had make reservation booking for the restaurant Samira Terrance Asia at Kuala lumpur,they asked for deposit for reservation,MRY200,so,i have banked to their bank account under Maybank Malaysia ,account number 514897000973 Company name Jopine Gourmet Sdn Bhd,

    On the booking day,i had an accident and i cant rush to the dinner for the booking date,so i asked Samira Asia Terrance to changed my booking to another day,but they ignore me,and they told me must utilise the deposit on the booking date,if not my deposit will be forfeited,and the people in charge said” Then your deposit would be forfeited.i strongly suggest that you should use it today” , How can they just bully client like that? they are provided service to customers,because of MYR200,they also want to forfeited,and never able to exchange another booking date for customer? i am never request them to refund the money,i am just asking to change to another day.this is the most bad expenrence for this kind of service from Samira Asia Terrance. They service are totally not reasonable & bad, serving customer happy is they responsible,but they make customer feel unhappy and like bully..

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