Sambal Hijau – Delicious Kampung Cuisine @ Kg Penchala


  1. wow, i guess if you are lazy to COOK like rohani, you can at least get this feast…. looks yummy

  2. Wow, thanks for the writeup. Now to figure out how i can skive off work to go there to eat!

  3. QMonkey: Actually i dah pergi a few times even before that conversation with Rohani! I know this place quite well.

  4. Jason: I have updated this post with some directions on how to get to this place. Hope that helps 🙂
    Otherwise we have to organise a makan trip there, hehe!

  5. i've heard so much about this place, so i guess it's really worth going! mind blowing array of malay dishes..yum yum yums!

  6. sc: Yeah, the selection is so varied that you can be pening, trying to decide which dishes to go for!

  7. Good … I am seeking for good and authentic Malay food after all the Chinese/Western food I've been downing.

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