Robson Heights of Ecstacy


  1. deadly combination of seasonings, and the sinful crab roes, plus a whole crab.
    what more can one ask for?

    btw, salute you. no petai, no 4 heavenlykings. agreed!!!

  2. ohohh.. tht pork was good horr?
    and nx time i wil order tht crab claypot jz for the rice!

  3. From the way you described, the food sounds really good. Would love to give this place a try when we have the chance! Thanks for introducing.

  4. would like to try the claypot crab rice…looks good…r they famous of crab dishes?seen you ordered few crab dishes..must b good ya!

  5. whos goin to ask me out for dinner one day?? haha my work place is a 5 min drive away!

  6. nomad: ALL the pork there were nice, LOL! Oohh yeah, that crab rice was really good – i dont usually eat tat much rice at nite but tat nite, wallopped quite a bit wor, haiyah!

  7. sugar bean: it's my pleasure, hehe 🙂 Ya, the food there is generally good and service is quite fast & friendly!

  8. simplegirl: Crabs are my faves mah…so we tried a few variety there and all turned out good!

  9. ciki: on the 1st visit, we chose what were highly recommended by you floggers la, lol! Good choice leh 😉

  10. Unka: Their sang har mein good ah?? We were blasted by their udon dish, didnt think of ordering another noodles dish la. Wokey…set… we go wallop togeder-geder!

  11. yes, the "yai ji guat" is a must-order dish there. Next time try their "ham yu fa lam pou"… the last time I had that, it felt like heaven although sinful… hehehe!
    Price is on the high side though… as it's located in upmarket residency 🙂

  12. leo: oh ok, thanks for the recommendation. Will try that dish the next time we're there -woohoo, another porky delight!

  13. Ooh delish… been awhile since I was last here… Very good standard and consistent too! 🙂

  14. believe it or not, after all the gatherings that had been held here, i've yet to visit this restaurant. gosh, the ribs look so good!! argghhh!!!

    ohh, btw, lurve my word verification: lardi! 😀

  15. LFB: Yeah, they're pretty consistent – so far we have not been disappointed yet and we have been there more than once and will be going again, haha!

  16. Nic: Then it's high time u go, hehe! Lets go makan there soon! U see, even Blogger knows wat a lardy person u are…haha!

  17. Claypot Crab rice?? Sounds ultra sinful and ultra delish! I've been reading such wonderful things about this place… one of these days, definitely!

  18. That claypot dish really is the star. So many pictures! 😉

    Do not know why but been there so many times yet never ordered the crabs. (-_-)??

    Btw, how much is the crab per kg?

  19. 550ml: Yes, the crab rice is indeed sinful – carbs & cholesterol-laden, haha! But oh so good!

  20. Tummythoz: Oh dear, I never asked the price per kg for the crabs – and both times it was not me who paid the bill, hehe! But do be assured that their crabs are very fresh & yummy!

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