Purple Angkoos


  1. Sean says

    Wow, a new generation of angkoos … Hmmm, do u think a mars candy bar-themed angkoo would be possible? Chocolate flavored Kueh on the outside, with nougat and caramel inside? 😀

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass says

    Very pretty! What a pity I don't like angkoo, or I'd be running over to your place now! For now, I'll just admire them from afar. 🙂

  3. Life for Beginners says

    Unlike Lemongrass, I totally love angkoo kueh! Devil likes the type with peanut filling, but I like all types of filling. 🙂

    These look really good, the colour is all the more startling cos it's natural. I'd rather have these than mooncakes anyday! 😀

  4. Xara says

    Hey gurl, you're killing me with those purple angkoos…my favorite kueh in my favorite color!!! They look too pretty to eat. Can't wait to try them – in all colors and fillings. Promise promise promise to make them for me when i go to KL :-)….Just angkoo dreams for now.

  5. PureGlutton says

    Xara: Hehe.. yeah, i realise purple really IS your colour, gal! OK, i promise u will have so much of these angkoos when you are back that you will be spilling angkoos from your ears – how about that? 😛
    And possibly have angkoo nightmares after that too, LOL!

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